Jorge Pong® is the creator of HUBOPTIC® The pioneer for custom Light up masks, Light Up Hats/Snapbacks, Light Up Bandanas, Light Up Shoes, Glow Costume, Image Equalizers, Fiber Optic Clothing & LED suits. An entrepreneur and designer, Jorge Pong® values diverse art working experiences. He believes arts & lights are a new form of communication; "Light is the reflection of your imagination..."J.P. For many years, he had earned various recognition to his extensive lighting, designing & crafting skills. Most of his professional LED lighting works have been used for show businesses, commercials, world tour concerts, stage & dance performances, music videos/photographies, Internet & retail displays. Also, he has been awarded contracts with various A-list artists for Light Up LED costumes & Glow wardrobe designs, LED Masks & Light Up Bandanas for Professionals, Light Up Sound Reactive images for Garment manufactures, Stylists, Fashion designers & Stage producers around the world. To this date, he is consider as one of the best International lighting masters and HUBOPTIC® Light Up products have been distributed worldwide.

HUBOPTIC® PRODUCTS are assembled in USA and hand crafted by skilled staffs who have been trained by JORGE PONG and himself. HUBOPTIC® Design Products have been awarded, featured & used by top tier Artists & Show Enterntainment businesses. HUBOPTIC® supplies high end QC products to both national and international clients. HUBOPTIC® technological products are innovative and trendy. HUBOPTIC® is the fusion of elements of arts, tech, fashion & mobility design.

U.S. federal government’s System for Award Management (SAM) Registered. D-U-N-S Number: 080493126 / CAGE: 7RXY4

HUBOPTIC® is registered under International Primary Class 028. U.S Class: 022, 023, 038, 050 of the United States of America Patent and Trademark Office.
The official United States Patent Trademark Serial Number for HUBOPTIC® is 85-632,265. FACE MASK Patent: D681881 , 29/439,930 , 85-632,265
HUBOPTIC® has been published in the Trademark Official Gazette (TMOG) on Oct 23, 2012.
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